Häufige Fragen


Where can I order?


  • Unfortunately, we do not deliver to Switzerland at the moment. For this reason, only orders from Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and Slovenia are currently possible. But we are working on it to be able to deliver to other countries in the future.

Repairs & Complaints

  • Where and how can I complain about a shoe?

    If you have bought your shoes at our online stores (www.thinkshoes.comwww.legero.comwww.superfit.com):

    In this case, please send a description including meaningful photos and the invoice to: help_worldwide@legero-united-digital.com. Your case will then be judged by our subject matter experts. Please note that we only handle complaints ot items purchased directly from our online stores (invoice must be present and sent).


    If you have bought your shoes at a local retailer or in the (online) trade:

    In this case, a complaint can only be made through the dealer where the shoes were purchased (without any exceptions). 

    In case of a credit, only the corresponding dealer can make the settlement. A credit will only be given if a repair or exchange is not possible. Whether a shoe can be repaired or exchanged is decided by the dealer only. 

    In our dealer search you will find the corresponding contact details. 

  • How long can I complain about a broken shoe?

    You are welcome to register legitimate complaints of broken shoes within the statutory warranty of two years. Please note that complaints that are not within the statutory warranty period can not be accepted by us. Damage caused by wear and tear is not considered a reason for complaint. For wearing parts such as the sole, insoles or shoe laces, a warranty period of 6 months applies. The prerequisite for this is that the defect already existed at the time of purchase and is not a natural wear mark. 

Products & Accessories

  • I'm looking for a particular shoe, but can not find it in the online store. Do you still have it somehwere in stock?

    Unfortunately, we can only offer you the shoes that are available in the online store (and only orderable in Germany and Austria). However, you may find the shoe at a local retailer. Please use our dealer search.


Branches & Dealers

  • Where can I buy legero, Think! and superfit shoes?

    In our dealer search you will find all the stores and retailers that carry our shoes.