We deliver to Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands & Slovenia. More info
We deliver to Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands & Slovenia. More info

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Sustainable Think! shoes for every day

Think! shoes are hand-crafted in up to 200 production steps. What is more, Think! shoes, bags and belts are made in Europe. This eliminates long transport routes and protects the environment. We try not to take more from the environment that we are able to give back, and set store by fair, resource-efficient production methods.

Sustainability awards

Obviously, part of our individual nature here at Think! also means that we place the utmost value on processing the very best materials. So that we keep our promise not only to people, but also to nature. Think! shoes are made of natural materials, using chrome-free tanned leather whenever possible, and are processed in a particularly environmentally friendly manner. These efforts have been rewarded with the Austrian Ecolabel and the Blue Angel certification. From the very beginning, sustainability has been one of the most important criteria for Think! shoes.

Here at Think!, sustainability and a respectful relationship with nature and our resources are matters very dear to our heart. In all that we do, we strive to act to the best of our knowledge and belief and to always keep in mind that we only have this one world – and that we need to take care of it.

High-quality shoes with character

Think! for yourself – we know from experience: people who think for themselves tread their own individual path. Think! Shoes have their own personality. They are just as unmistakeable as the people who wear them. Individuality, confidence and the possibility to freely express oneself are absolutely fundamental to Think!.

We place the utmost value on meticulous quality and individual design. On fair, sustainable and ecologically conscious production conditions, on robust, pleasant materials, on real craftsmanship and unusual details. On an anatomically adapted fit and years of expertise. Only the best is good enough. Here at Think!, we bear the responsibility. For ourselves, our actions, and our future.

Buy comfortable Think! shoes online

Think! shoes are produced in Europe using the best materials. In order to offer our customers the largest selection conveniently all in one place, Think! shoes can be purchased from the comfort of your own home in the Think! online shop.

The Think! online shop

Often when purchasing shoes online, the question crops up: is this sustainable? With Think!, the basic principle of sustainable production guides everything from the selection of materials all the way to the point at which Think! shoes arrive on our customers’ doorsteps – whether in the shop or online – and beyond!

Made in Europe

Think! shoes, bags and belts are developed and designed in Kopfing, Upper Austria. With sustainability in mind, Think! shoes can be resoled in Kopfing. In addition, laces, insoles and small parts such as eyelets and ornaments can also be replaced. Many of these can be ordered in the Think! online shop.

We are constantly developing. This is how under the leadership of Martin Koller, a 200-year old shoemaking dynasty became Think! The craftsmanship and tradition have remained, while boring designs are a thing of the past. In 1990, Koller dared to venture into the unknown: ever since, with Think! he has been producing ecological, healthy men’s and women’s shoes with an aesthetic appeal. Think! proves: orthopaedic shoes with anatomically fitted lasts can indeed be beautiful!

This new orientation was a success, the shoes became a bestseller and today, Think! Schuhwerk GmbH exports all around the world. Think! shoes can be purchased online in the dedicated online shop or at retail stores. Think! shoes are for all those for whom ordinary is overrated. We dedicate our women’s and men’s shoes to all those who walk through life with joy and who have the courage to simply be themselves.